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Easy Ways to Calculate Dragon Bonus Baccarat

Member Baccarat Lovers, maybe you are confused about what Dragon Bonus Baccarat is and how to calculate it. Well on this occasion we will explain in detail about the Dragon bonus and how to calculate it.

What is Dragon Bonus Baccarat?

Dragon bonus baccarat is one of the side bets in the Live Baccarat game Asia 999 casino . What will be paid is where the selected hand has a natural win / has a difference of 4-9 points (non-natural). Each point from 4 to 9 has a different ratio. Dragon Bonus baccarat only applies to the Mobile Version of SBOBET/plays using Android, IOS, and does not apply to the Live Casino Baccarat Computer Version.

How to Calculate Dragon Bonus – Live Baccarat at SBOBET

Well, like the picture above is a comparison – a comparison of winning payouts with the natural win type and also the Non – natural Win type. We will give examples of hands like what is meant by Natural Win and also Non – Natural Win. Here’s an example:

Natural Victory

As shown above, Natural win is divided into 2, namely Natural Win and Natural Tie. What is meant by natural win is that the hand you choose is declared to win before the THIRD card is issued.

Likewise, the so-called Natural Tie, where the game is declared Tie before the appearance of the THIRD card and if at the THIRD card the total number of both hands is the same, it will not be declared Tie, but draw. will be considered LOSS.

Non-Natural Victory

What is meant by Non-Natural Win is the hand you choose to win after the appearance of the third card. Look at the image below:

The Player’s Hand has a total of 6 with two cards and the total in the Banker Hand is 0. This is called a Non-Natural Win because in the Banker’s hand there is a THIRD card. So like the comparison table we provided earlier, the player’s hand has a difference of 6 numbers with the banker’s hand, so the comparison is 4:1 with a total win of 5 bets multiplied by 4 = 20 payouts then plus 5 initial capital.