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Over/Under (OU) and Overall Goal (TG)

Over/Under (OU) and Overall Goal (TG)

Overall Goal (TG) in Online Gambling is the number of goals scored during a football match in normal time. In addition, Over/Under (OU) is a type of bet on the number of successful goals by value according to the initial determination. Interestingly, Over/Under (OU) and Overall Goal (TG) are easier to implement because there is no need to determine the winner in a soccer match.

Next Goal & Correct Skor
The meaning of Next Goal refers to the player who will score the goal. In this place, you can specify Home, Away or No Goal whose value will be the same as the daftar sbobet bola active Correct Score. For example, the temporary result of a soccer match showing 2 – 2 therefore the No Goal odds on Next Goal will be the same as the 2-2 Correct Score odds.

Correct Skor
There is also a Correct Score that determines the final result of a match with a normal duration of 2 x 45 minutes.

Half Time Shoes
For the meaning of Half Time Score (HT Score) is the determination of the final result on the 1st set in a football match.

Half Time
The meaning of Half Time is not the same as Half Time Score. This means the plan is the same as Match Odds but in Half Time bettors only determine the final result in the first set (45 minutes set 1 with injury time).

Half Time or Full Time (HT or FT)
In this type of Online Football Gambling game, you must guess the result of the first set match as well as the full set at once as well. It is recommended that you do not be fooled by the meaning of 1st Half or 2nd Half because that type of bet has inequality.

First Goal Odds
For this type of game, you are assigned to guess when a goal is scored. In this sense, there are also bettors who use multiples of 10 minutes like Betfair or multiples of 12 minutes like 12bet.

Asian Handicap
Finally, the Asian Handicap (AH) is the most popular online soccer betting method for many people in Asia. This type of bet is quite simple because it does not recognize a draw or draw with a large winning rate of 50:50.

The brief description above, of course, can make it easier for those of you who want to enter to play soccer bets at online bookies. If you already know about the method of promoting a trusted soccer gambling site and the game, it never hurts to register and get a promising profit right now!