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Steps to Overcome Blocked Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling site Asia855 being blocked is no longer a big problem for gamblers. Because there have been many cases where online gambling sites are considered very negative. So this makes it difficult for players to play calmly and comfortably. The government also has an interest in blocking gambling sites because it can affect people’s morals and economy.

However, in this sophisticated and modern era, players no longer need to worry about such problems. There are now many ways to do this so you can re-access your favorite sites.

Here are some ways to deal with blocked online gambling sites:

Using IP address

In the case of blocking game sites that have occurred so far, it is very rare to find a blocked IP address. The betting sites are blocked by the government. That way, you can still make it possible to reopen sites that have been blocked by accessing the IP address directly.

To find out the IP address, players can use online tools or command prompt or CMD via computer. There are also steps, namely click Start – Run – Type: CMD – then enter. After that, directly type ping to the blocked domain. Then, the blocked domain’s IP address will appear in cmd immediately. But with a special note, this method can only be used for sites that use a dedicated IP and IP sites are also not hidden.

Through the Use of DNS

For this method can be very common and many use it. Some sites are blocked through the DNS of the computer / router. This method is very easy to run from a computer. Players only need to change the computer’s DNS using a DNS program that can be downloaded from the Internet. After changing DNS, players can directly access and play online gambling again freely.

Using VPN

Another way to deal with other blocked gaming sites is to use a VPN service. A VPN can bypass blocked sites via network encryption. This method is also included in a very easy and effective way because many people use this method to unlock gaming sites. VPN services are also divided into two types, namely free VPN services and paid VPN services. To get better signals and results, you can use a VPN.