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Terms in Football Gambling Agent

Terms in Football Gambling Agent

At this stage you have to start looking for small information about online soccer gambling agents . Starting from which sites are more or less credible and trustworthy, what types of bets you can use, how much you have to bet, and understanding important terms in this gambling game.

Some of these terms are mandatory for you to know to help you build the right strategy later. You can also better understand conversations with people who may often do and win in this sports betting. Who knows, like that, you will get new insights or views in betting later.


You will often hear this word mentioned by people who like to gamble on soccer. What does the word voor actually mean in football betting? So, the word refers to the score given by the online soccer betting agent to the team that will compete. The scoring is done before the start of the match.


This term is also no less often appears from the word voor. Odds is a bet value which is also known as Gen. The odds given by an online bookie are different for each team. You will hear the term minus odds which means an additional fee for the gambling site provider because they have paired a team with a high chance of winning and reverse odds means that a higher score is given to the team with a lower chance of winning.

Full time

Full time or full time in a soccer betting agent means the football match takes place during the full half or 2 x 45 minutes. This means that each round will consist of 45 minutes. If the total is approximately 90 minutes or 1 hour more than 30 minutes. In betting on full time matches, the score that will be the reference for betting is the final score after one full half is completed.

half time

Half-round usually consists of 1 x 45 minutes, so the score after this half-half is over is a reference to determine whether you win or not in betting at soccer gambling agents. For that, you only need to analyze the final score of the half game, not the entire half as in full time.


Just like home which is usually used for the term handicap type bet , away is also a term that often appears. This word is the opposite of home which means opponent. So, if you want to choose an opponent from the home team that is playing, then you will mention the term away .