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Tutorial How to Register Online Slots

To register for a slot account is actually very easy and very easy, but of course there are some people who still don’t know how to register for online slots. For those of you who are still confused about how to find an online slot site to register the slot account you want to have, then you only need to follow all the steps below:

Choose one of the online slot sites listed here.
Choose one of the online slot sites listed here.
Please click the register button on the site of your choice.
Please fill in your valid and complete data on the registration form.
User Name = fill in the user name you want when logging in.
Password = fill in the password you want when logging in.
Password Verification = reload the password that you entered earlier.
Full Name = fill in your full name.
Contact Number = fill in your active mobile number.
Email = fill in your active email address.
Referral Code = leave blank if you do not have a referral.
Bank Name = choose a bank according to the account you have.
Account Name = fill in the name listed in your account book.
Account Number = fill in the number listed in your account book.
Validation Code = fill in the code or number that appears next to the column provided.
Make sure once again all the data you fill is correct and complete.
Please click the register button and the online link slot88 registration has been successful.

Tutorial How to Deposit Online Slots
After you have successfully registered for an online slot account and want to continue to online slot games, of course you must have a balance or chip to be able to play online slot games, therefore here we will also provide steps for making an online slot deposit and here is how:

Login to the online slot account on your desktop or cellphone.
Select the deposit menu to view the account number of the transfer destination.
Transfer funds according to the minimum deposit or more to the city account.
After making the transfer, fill in the deposit form according to the nominal you transferred.
Wait a few moments (maximum 3 minutes) and your deposit request will be processed.
Please refresh periodically to check your chip balance.
If your chip balance increases then your deposit has been processed.

Tutorial How to Withdraw Online Slots
If you have finished playing or want to withdraw funds to your account, then you can click the withdraw funds button and please fill in the nominal you want to transfer to your account according to the chip in your account. After that, please fill in your password to continue withdrawing funds and please click the send button so that the slot site can process your request. Please, please wait approximately 3-5 minutes for the online slot site to process your funds. If more than 5 minutes your funds are not processed to your account, please visit the site and chat to the livechat that has been provided and confirm to cs about your withdrawal request.

At least 18 years old and have a permanent job.
Have a savings account with a personal name.
Keep your personal data and information safe.
Never share your username and password with others.
Play in a safe place from chip hackers.
Double check each destination account before depositing.
Fight yourself from greed and dispassion.
Play fair without stealing chips from other players’ accounts.
Do not store chips in your account if you want to stop playing.

That’s a guide about slot games, how to register for slots, how to deposit slots, how to withdraw slots, and how to deposit credit slots. Hopefully the information we provide is useful for you and can help you, We want to remind you once again that we only dare to recommend gambling sites that have been proven to be trusted and all the sites that we recommend there are no fake sites because we have checked them properly so you are free choose one of the slot sites you want to try your luck there. So much information about the latest and most trusted collection of online gambling sites, hopefully it will be useful for those of you who need it and good luck. Thank you.