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Types of Jackpot Bonuses in Online Slot Games

Game online slots still be the belle of the most favorite games in Indonesia 2022. Which is old, young, men and women now play it. The ease and simplicity of this slot game is the main attraction of this online game. More exciting by the many bonuses contained in the games. What are the jackpot bonuses, let’s see in the following discussion.

Types of Jackpot Bonuses That Can Be Obtained in Online Slot Games

There are many kinds of bonuses that can be obtained in playing this online slot game . In which each bonus has its own value level. And that’s what you’re aiming for in playing this online slot game . And here are the kinds of jackpot bonuses in online slot games:

  • Bonus jackpot mini, minor, major dan grand

This bonus is obtained when you manage to often get wilds in each spin round.

  • Bonus jackpot big win, mega win dan super win

This is the amount of the bonus obtained in the spin round.

  • Bonus 5 of kind

This is obtained from the results of 5 similar slot icons and there is a wild.

  • Bonus scatter

The scatter bonus is obtained when you manage to get at least 3 scatter icons.

  • Major Jackpot Bonus

This is a big prize you get when you manage to get the highest slot icon in a full room screen.

Tricks to Get Jackpot in Online Slot Games

There are many ways that slot players usually do in online slots daftar joker88. Which among others are as follows:

  • Choose the type of slot with the biggest jackpot bonus

You can check directly by looking in the room. The bigger it is, the bigger the bonus you will get.

  • Choose a good room

This can be done by looking at the pattern of the room. It can be by having a lot of wilds, or a lot of scatters and it can also be by seeing the highest wild or icon in a certain position.

  • Set the bet and spin

The amount of the bet and the number of spins can also affect or provoke the jackpot to come out. So, you can manage it.

That was our discussion this time about the jackpot slot bonus in online slot games and hopefully it will be useful!